Wednesday, May 08, 2013

radiation sucked more than I thought it would but life is good

I'm going to start with my report on radiation, which as you can tell, sucks more I thought it would for these reasons: 1) It only lasts ten minutes so there is no time for camaraderie. 2) I'm in a dark room alone with this ominous looking machine and a few laser lights. Very Star Trekky. 3) Chemo was bright and sunny and there were lots of people around. In radiation, it's me and a couple of old guys with no pants on holding their blue gowns closed.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad they have the technology to do it and that they believe they are hunting down any stray cancer cells and giving them the heave-ho, but this really could be more pleasant.

That's it for my complaints. I'm going to be grateful today. The first picture is one Regis took of the Baltimore oriole that has been coming to our jelly feeder. So pretty! We think we've seen two males and one female. Maybe it's a threesome nest.

This is Fred, my garden rooster. I named him after Fred at Traverse des Sioux Garden Center. He was made from old car parts in Mexico so he is very heavy and difficult to keep up in the wind. He has a locking mechanism around his ankle so he won't be too easy to steal as was the fate of the garden gnome across the street.

This is a fern-leaf peony that came from the farm where I grew up. It takes a long time for them to grow...I've had this one more than ten years and it's still less than a foot tall. One year, I was so disgusted with its apparent failure to thrive that I grabbed it by its stems intending to jerk it out of the ground. I changed my mind at the last minute and it was exactly the right thing to do. They don't like to be buried too deeply. It was happier after that.

And finally, a major pile of leaves that I raked out of my garden the past two days. I think I neglected to rake it last spring so it's been a while and there was a lot of crap. Regis hauled six giant bags of mulched up leaves to the compost site. Regis keeps threatening Astro-turf but he enjoys the garden when it looks nice.

So, there you go. My friend, Jill, is taking me to radiation this morning, then we're meeting our old friend, Karen for coffee and a little breakfast. Something to look forward to every day, my friends. A little yard work, friends for coffee, time on the patio. Life is good.

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