Friday, May 10, 2013

hope you aren't tired of bird pictures and gratitude

Regis said yesterday that it was the highlight of his birding career...this many beautiful birds at the same time. In some ways, I could say it doesn't take much to tickle us but in other ways this is miraculous, to have this beautiful wildlife right outside our living room window.

This week, I met two people face-to-face, Michele and Victoria, who I have only known on Facebook. I have two other people I consider friends, Karen in Nevada and Karen, TC, who I have never met in person, only in cyberspace. It's a big, old goofy world.

Regis made Philadelphia style hoagies for dinner last night. I told him if he wanted them to be authentic, he would have to take charge. He did a great job, even dressing them with oil and vinegar and using thin-sliced baloney which would never have occurred to me.

I'm infamous for midwesternizing East Coast iconic food. When Regis first moved here, I made spaghetti...fat noodles with sauce so thick it simply laid on top and you could cut it with a fork. Like a hotdish. The first time I was given a spoon with pasta, I used it to cut the noodles up so how would I know? What can I say...I learned to make spaghetti from my dad, a native of North Dakota where they don't know spaghetti from shit. Regis is lucky I don't make curly noodle goulash. Funeral hotdish we call it here in Minnesota.

We're starting our weekend in a nice way. Joanne is stopping for a late afternoon glass of wine on the patio. We're old teaching buddies and even though we don't get to see each other very often, it's always sweet. I gave Joanne a pair of shiny purple leggings for her birthday one year. Maybe she'll wear them today.

A couple years ago, I left the house on St. Patrick's Day on my way to the parade in quite a get-up that included a long red curly wig, shamrock sunglasses, striped green and white tights, and 4-inch sparkly green heels. My devout Baptist neighbor only raised his eyebrows. It's a big, old goofy world.

Tomorrow night, we're going to a comedy show with Tom and Betty. I am looking forward to laughing until I ache. Laughing is like clears out the stress bubbles in your body.

Sunday we're celebrating Matriarch's Day (honoring all women) by having a Detroit Coney Island hotdog party on the patio. In Detroit, they put chili, cheese, and onions on their hotdogs. We also have a variety of other topping options for the squeamish. The little kids are coming (and some of the grown-ups) and we'll have a fine time. Wish my mom could be here with us.

We just saw a hummingbird, a female grosbeak, and a downy woodpecker in the garden. Also three bunnies doing amazing vertical leaps. Regis thinks they are preparing to mate and I think they're playing. Maybe they're doing both.

Happy Friday. Remember to put HAVE FUN on your list of things to do this weekend!

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tccomments2013 said...

dear teresa,

please know that i don't mean to intrude on your comment space, especailly with bad news. but i've always felt such a connection with you, and loved that you called me your friend.

my darling hugh passed away suddenly last sunday, may 5th. i found him in our bed, no heartbeat, no respirations. 911 sent 2 highly skilled units to oour home, and on the 3rd try, they got a heartbeat. he was taken tothe cardiac ICU, put into hyppothermia, and then into a coma to give him a chance to recover. but it wasn't to be. thank goodness he had a living will. after going through the protocol of re-warming him, reducing the sedation, it was determined he would never be able to live - his poor brain had been without oxygen for too long, and he died within 90 seconds of being taken off the ventilator. the irony is that he died while still in remission from multiple myeloma. as you know, i am NED, so it seems especially cruel that just as we were going to travel the world and make so many other dreams come true, it all ended so quickly. we think perhaps he had a brain tumor that affected the control center of vital functions.

but here is what i want you to know. we lived every day as fully and joyfully as possible. even if it was good coffee and the NYT's, the beautiful view of our garden in springtime, and being with people we loved - we always were just so damned happy to be together. there was nothing left unsaid, nothing to feel deep regrets about, only gratitude for each other and for what gift was presented each day. i feel very glad that i always had your blog as a touchstone to reaffirm that it is true - joy and contentment in ordinary days is such a blessing.

you can remove this post - i will understand. just know that i will continue to read your blog for comfort and connection to you and your beautiful words.

love, XOXO, karen, TC