Saturday, May 11, 2013

disturbing wind

The wind is ferocious here today. I'm sitting in Regis's chair watching the birds and I can hardly stand it. The flags are flying horizontally, the wind chimes are going crazy, and I wonder how the little birds can even cling to the feeders. I'm going to respond to this weather situation like I do to most...I'm going back to bed to read.

Yesterday was one of those days you don't want to end. We went to radiation and stopped for ice cream for tomorrow's dessert, although, I might make a Guinness cake, too. I was tired when we got home and I thought about taking a nap but we got a text from Pat and Helen (brother and SIL) asking if we wanted to have lunch with them on their way through town. We said we'd love to do that. We went to Patrick's for cheeseburgers and beer.

When we got home, Joanne stopped with a bottle of wine. We had a good visit outside in the sunshine. Then Kemmie and Joanne came over to tempt us with goat stew. Reggie stopped and helped his dad cook steaks on the grill since I was too busy socializing. It was such a beautiful day full of surprises.

I meant to do the dishes. I meant to pick up the house. I meant to go through the piles of clothes in the bedroom. I didn't do any of that and I'm glad. I sat on the patio, I enjoyed the sunshine and the cool breeze, I saw many birds visit the feeders, and I visited with lots of people. Much better choice.

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