Thursday, May 30, 2013

checking in and feeling lucky

Regis took this photo of Gus and me on the patio and then he artified it somehow. I like the effect. It looks like we were painted by Monet or one of those famous dudes.

When I was at the cancer center the other day, an older couple joined me at my table. The woman, wearing a wig, looked at my scarf and asked if I had brain cancer. No, I said, breast cancer. She said, oh, you're lucky, I have lung and brain cancer. Oh, my. There's a perspective for me. If you're going to get some bad shit, might as well be some bad shit they can be optimistic about.

Today is radiation treatment #18. I grouse a bit every morning and say I'm going to call in sick but of course, I don't. I trundle over there, wait with my beeper, and wander the halls in a blue gown. They give me a warm blanket and I close my eyes for the ten minutes or so that it takes to beam me up. Not so bad, all things considered.

The weather looks stormy again today. Betty and I stopped at the MVAC thrift store yesterday, then had lunch at the Boulder Tap. I hate all of their televisions but we had the most delicious pork carnitas tacos with chipotle mayo. I could ignore the televisions for a while to enjoy that meal again. Good and bad in everything.

My point about the weather was that we beat it home after lunch. We both craved a nap and we were nervous about storms. Living through a tornado makes a guy a little ticklish when it comes to black skies. We like to be home and have access to the basement.

Off to the Andreas Cancer Center. More later.

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