Tuesday, May 28, 2013

cake, folks, and elephants

We recognized Memorial Day yesterday and celebrated Gus's birthday. I made the dog bone layer cake with the help of Alex and Ella. Monday morning, I cried because I can't even make a decent looking cake anymore. Regis delivered comfort and encouraged me to get another can of frosting and to warm it in the microwave a little bit so it would flow better. That worked. The art work on the cake is courtesy of Peter.

Elliot shows Betty some of the finer points of an iPad game.

Nice to have April join us with Peter again!

Ace and Gus enjoying a moment of peace. Or maybe I should say the rest of us enjoy a moment of peace while Ace and Gus are still for a minute.

Uncle Tom enjoys a low-carb beer.

Tiffany and Peter- probably bickering.

Action in the kitchen with Ella and Emily.

Back to radiation today. I had three days to forget about it so I sort of sunk into a stew of sleep, games, and reading. Today is back to reality with that morose doctor and stoney-faced nurse. It's not that bad but it ain't chemo either. In a contest of fun and personality, chemo would win hands down.

Old Regis and Young Regis made a trip to the Greenlawn Cemetery outside of St. Peter yesterday. It was established in the 1850's so contains the graves of many of St. Peter's pioneers as well as Civil War veterans. It's an interesting place. I think it's nice that Regis wants to impart some history of adopted community to his son.

They also went to Greenhill Cemetery to see the grave of George Engesser, who was a pioneer in St. Peter and belonged to the family of circus Engessers, hence the elephant. (This may not be historically accurate so don't use it in your social studies report!)

That's all the social commentary I have to report today. Happy gloomy Tuesday!

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