Sunday, May 12, 2013

avoiding anything very constructive this morning

I intended to get up early and maybe do something like vacuum or clean the bathroom. Since we were out quite late (10:40) last night, we slept until 8 o'clock and now here I sit. Regis is going to the dog park and I'm having another cup of coffee and watching the birds.

The only problem with is that the off-spring are coming over later for a barbecue. Every year, I swear I'm not going to spend Mother's Day cooking and cleaning but somehow it comes down to that. I'm not complaining. I'm glad they want to come and I'm glad I'm healthy and strong enough to make cowboy beans and chili for hot dogs. What the hell.

We went to 2nd Story Comedy's show last night at the Treaty Site. We had a special table with candles and a bottle of wine, the comedians were great, we laughed ourselves silly. I saw a sweet young teacher who remembered my name. Sometimes you become invisible after you retire. All in all, a swell evening.

Regis went on a minor rant this morning when we got a Memorial Day ad in the Sunday paper. I understand. It's no wonder we can't keep track of anything timewise anymore. There are no seasonal markers. Swimming suits are sold in January, school supplies appear in July, sports go on's very confusing.

I have to bathe Gus when he gets home from the park. I do it because Regis has two new knees and I am a bit more agile. It involves stripping down and getting right in the tub with him so you can reach all the assorted dog parts that are dirty. I am always as wet as he is in the end. Regis gets to towel him off which is no picnic either. He's good about it and jumps right in the tub when you tell him it's bath time...but bathing a dog of his size is tough duty. It's quite a picture.

It's Sunday morning and some of our neighbors are at church. Time to empty the recycler, if you get my drift. We hate to make enough noise that they think it's Patrick's emptying their dumpster.

We'll try to corral everyone for a group photo at some point today. I love those.

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