Sunday, May 12, 2013

another post to karen

Karen, I tried to email you ( but the message came back. We'll try something else. I would put my email address here but then all the viagra and vicodin salesmen would have it, too.

With some detective work (only knowing his first name and the date of his death) and a little persistence, I found Hugh's obituary online at I left a message for you there and I think you can contact me that way. I've been reading and rereading your most recent comment. If you look back at it, you'll see that my mom left a message for you, too.

I also figured out the blog where we first found each other...on AnnMarie's chemo brain blog. It was nice to spend some time there I had forgotten. That sounds about right, doesn't it?

Edina? That's only 60 miles from us. What a small world! Regis grew up right across the river from you, in Morrisville, PA. Many coincidences that brought us together, my friend.

It would be wonderful if we could meet face-to-face some day, but until then, be strong,live fully, and know that lots of us care about you.

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AnneMarie said...

I'm not afraid of the viagra salesmen..... they find me ANYWAY... my computer thinks I'm a guy...

email me... anncicc @

I will share Karen's email address with you.....

Much love to you....