Monday, May 13, 2013

a grand time but no photos

We had a wonderful time yesterday, celebrating all matriarchs with a family barbecue, but not one photo was taken. We just got too busy having fun.

Peter and April and Zoey arrived about one o'clock. Peter raked the back yard for us and hauled out some additional lawn furniture and the table for the little kids. Reg and Amber came shortly after that, then Bob with Ella and Alex, then Tiffany and Elliot.

The kids had a great time together, playing with sidewalk chalk, toys, sticks, and the picnic table umbrella.

We had Detroit style Coney Island dogs, cowboy beans, chips, corn and blueberry salad, smores, and brownies with ice cream. The little kids wanted to eat outside at their table so some dining was outside and some was inside. Most of the food was gone by the time everyone left. Proving, I guess, that you don't have to make a gourmet meal to feed your family.

If you check out the recipe, I use frozen corn most of the time and in the winter, I use dried cilantro. I know it seems like a weird combination but it's very good.

Thanks to all of you for the shiny diamond ring, the red tulips, the cards, the hugs, and the picture of the cousins. I love you all very much. You made the day special.

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