Tuesday, April 23, 2013

winter storm zeus

This could be our last winter storm of the season. No promises, of course, but it could be. This is what the forecast looked like yesterday. The weather folks were predicting a day full of rain, then changing to snow in the evening... maybe twelve inches of snow. I know people who just pulled the curtains and refused to deal with it. We quit shoveling a storm or two ago and now just let the warm sun take care of it.

We didn't get anywhere near twelve inches. Maybe a quarter inch of frozen rain and then 2-3 inches of snow. It won't melt much today but it will be gone by the weekend. April's snows never last long. It's beautiful...every branch is lined with snow.

I went out in my pajamas and winter boots to fill the bird feeders this morning. We are feeding quite a flock of birds. Robins, cardinals, finches, and a flock of black birds. We've also seen fox sparrows for the first time. They migrate through in the spring and fall. The largest of the sparrows, they scratch under seed feeders like chickens.

I need to get out more if I'm writing about the feeding habits of migrating birds.

I've been spending some time on goodreads lately. It's amazing to me that a book can end up on both lists: Best Books Ever and Worst Books Ever. I'm not talking about Monica Lewinsky's biography either. I'm talking about To Kill a Mockingbird. The best I can figure is that some mean English teacher forced these books down someone's throat and they carry bad memories of it. Too bad. The other possibility is that different things appeal to different people. 50 Shades of Gray? Used it to line the bird cage. Some people loved it.

Happy birthday to Betty!

My plan of the day includes some kitchen duty, a trip downtown for a few things, a trip to the PO to mail a box to my nieces in Ohio, and a trip to the winery to celebrate Betty's birthday. Should be a fine day.

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