Saturday, April 13, 2013

this and that

It was a good week for me. Not so much sleeping, a little more energy, and I put make-up on four times...even the eyelashes. All positive signs.

This is the beautiful bulb garden from my friends at River Rock. It's been blooming since Easter Sunday and it smells so nice. I love it!

We had our young friends, John and Amber, over for dinner last night. Since we didn't get home until 4:30, we stopped at HyVee and took care of the menu: two racks of already cooked ribs, twice baked potatoes, bread and salad, and a bundt cake for dessert. We always have a good time with them. Amber and I drink wine, Regis and John talk about man stuff, and we laugh a lot. It is such good therapy.

I had my 11th chemo treatment yesterday. And a consult with the radiation oncologist. He said radiation will be a good thing to do. I'll have 28 treatments on my breast, my neck lymph nodes, and my arm pit. I go in next week for the set-up and will probably start the first week in May. I had to watch a video on radiation. I had one of those moments like the first time I went to the cancer center. I thought...what?...cancer? Me? After all this time and all the treatments, I can still separate the two things in my mind....the reason and the result. Sigh.

I popped into Encore after chemo to do a little shopping. I found some great deals: a couple vests, a long white linen shirt, and a beautiful kimono. I've always wanted one but they were too spendy for me. This was 35 bucks and what a deal. It's gorgeous. I think I'll wear it out to Peter's birthday dinner tonight.

This is my trusty chemo pump that has been my weekly companion for the last three months. There is something soothing about the noise it makes. I've decided to leave my port in until I'm done with radiation. The nurse told me yesterday that sometimes people have to be hydrated during radiation and that would be easier with the port. I have to have it flushed once a month to prevent blood clots or I might leave it in longer. I'll be seeing the oncologist and having blood drawn every three months for the next two years.

The poor robins are trying to survive with no access to worms or nesting material. They visit the feeder often and I'm going to put out some yarn and string for them today. I know the grackles and starlings have to eat, too, but they are a pain in the ass. Beady eyed little hogs.

We are going to Pappageorge tonight to celebrate my baby boy's 26th birthday. How did he get that old? It should be a hoot of a time. I hope they have fish with mango salsa or crab cakes. My two favorites.

Tomorrow, we're going back to Morgan Creek to bottle wine. It's hard work but it's a hoot. And we get our wages in wine. What could be better?

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tccomments2013 said...

dear teresa,

i just love reading your blog! you have a wonderful propensity to put things in perspective, and i find it soothing and so inspirational. but i admire the rants, too. why should we have to keep all the shit we deal with a secret?!

good you are keeping your port for as long as you can. i've told everyone i never want mine removed - i have the veins of an infant. besides, i paid for it, and it's MINE.

hope the b'day dinner for your son was a lovely and fun time.

love, XOXO,

karen, TC