Thursday, April 25, 2013

spring at last

Check the post called winter storm zeus to see a picture of what it looked like here that day. This morning, I can see the grass is turning green. Regis and I found many plants starting to pop through the ground in the garden. The sky is bright blue and it might be 60 degrees today. We are starting to thaw, my friends!

Yesterday was a grand day. Mary Smith of Mary's Flowers called me in the morning to tell me that I had a flower delivery! Mary is one of the best. When Mary's little van pulled up, my friend Rita jumped out. It was so much fun to see her. When I brought this lovely spring bouquet into the house, the card said, "Flowers and friends make the world go round! Love, Jane"

Later we went out to the winery to celebrate Betty's birthday and we had such a nice time. Angie and Melissa took great care of us, we shared a pizza and a meat and cheese plate. And of course, some wine.

Tomorrow is my radiation simulation. My pretend radiation. They will get me all lined up so the ray guns always shoot at the same spots. I'll finally get my tattoo. I'm hoping that next week I will have no medical appointments. It might be the first time since October. My insurance company is going to send someone out to shoot me. They shouldn't be upset. I have contributed a lot of money to their coffers over the years and for the most part, was healthy.

This afternoon we're going to make our first spring trip to Schmidt's in Nicollet. They have a grill package on sale that sounds like a great way to start the grilling season.

We want to grill tomorrow. We're hoping that Young Regis will stop over to help get the swing out of the garage. 70 degrees! 70 degrees! We're so excited!

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