Monday, April 22, 2013

sedition dentistry and blowing snow

Sedition Dentistry: For the rebel in you!

Definition of sedition (n)
[ sə dísh'n ]
rebellion or incitement: actions or words intended to provoke or incite rebellion against authority, or actual rebellion

For weeks this winter, we drove by a billboard that only said Sedation Dentistry and a phone number. We thought that was hilarious because we always read it as sedition dentistry. Every time. And then we'd laugh and laugh. They changed the billboard so now there is more of an explanation. Some people are apparently so terrified of the dentist they prefer to be sedated during their treatments.

I guess that's all I'll say about this. It's a crazy thing and happens to us from time to time...reading things incorrectly and thinking it's hilarious...not sedation dentistry.

It's still winter even though the calendar says it's spring. I had to wear a winter coat and snow boots to chemo on Friday and today we are in another winter storm warning. Four to eight more inches of snow. Blowing snow. Hazardous driving conditions. Pppfffththth.

I just did a little research to figure out the best way to spell the raspberry sound. There isn't one. I even went to the Cartoon Raspberry Museum.

I slept until 7 o'clock and I slept great. Deep and heavy sleep. My plan is to exercise today but I'm not on a schedule because I figure I've earned that right. I'm going to drink coffee and listen to Shufflefunction until 9 o'clock, then I'll move in the direction of exercise. Time to get some structure back in my life.

The article that explains this photo is in the Fargo Forum so that's a clue. Some of the snow banks surrounding this field are eight feet high. Holy crap. Next week, they'll be worrying about floods. We are a tough lot, here in Minnesota.

I don't usually read books more than once but I am making an exception. I read Skinny Dip a few years ago and loved it. There's a crazy plot, the author writes well, and the characters are a hoot. Here's the link to the Amazon reviewer who is much more articulate than I am.

That's all I have today. See ya.

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