Tuesday, April 16, 2013

reading and such

It's only 9:30 am and Regis and I are having a cup of coffee after going to Mankato to buy groceries and stop at Walgreen's. The garbage truck just came by and so did the street sweeper so we're in good shape on all fronts this morning. We're feeling pretty smug.

I'm preoccupied with my one remaining chemo treatment. I expected to be relieved but I'm not feeling that way so much. I'm feeling anxious and a bit sad. I always felt safe in the treatment room, like they were helping me to feel better and be healthier. Getting to the end feels like I'm on my own again.

We bought some meat for grilling even though we aren't optimistic about getting to grill soon. The forecast for this week is Winter Storm Yogi. What the hell. A sign of spring in Minnesota is that you can see a person in shorts and a t-shirt the same day you see a person in a snorkel parka.

I'm glad we don't watch television news when tragedies like the Boston bombing happen. I read about it and I have a much better filter that way. I can be informed but not inundated. Watching television news is bad for your brain.

My niece in Ohio is making garden snails these days. Aren't they cute? It's also nice to see that people in some places have been able to dig in the dirt and plant things!

Gus and Regis went to the dog park while I read for a while and took a nap. Gus wears boots so his feet don't get quite so muddy. He tolerates them well and he jumps right in the tub if he still needs a rinse off. What a good dog, Gus.

I wrote yesterday about stumbling onto Good Reads and I have enjoyed it. I wonder how books wind up on their site, though. They keep recommending Born Free to me and that came out originally in 1960.  What the hell. One thing I've noticed is that a LOT of books these days are part of series. Not my favorite kind of reading.

I've read a lot of Ian Rankin lately, and Colin Dexter. I'd read more of Colin Dexter if I could get them for my Kindle. I don't think my cataracts will allow me to read a trade paperback. I ordered a couple of Dennis Lahane's books this morning: Gone, Baby, Gone and Mystic River. I know they were both movies but I didn't see them. Not that I would remember the ending anyway.

I think it was easier when I was younger. I went to the library, I took out three or four books, I went home and read them. Now, I have too much access, too many easy ways to get books which now that I write it down is not a bad thing. Just thinking...

The plan of the day is to do the dishes, get dressed, read, and go to the winery. Sounds like a perfect day to me.

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Caroline said...

After my last chemo treatment, i bought myself a present - a fancy watch - to celebrate.