Saturday, April 27, 2013

my tattoos

I went to my radiation simulation yesterday. I had to lie down on a CT scanning bed and hold very still for a few minutes. The doctor made some marks on my skin with a marker and the nurse made four tiny tattoos so they can line me up the same every day. I'll start the treatments on May 6th.

They told me that a physicist figures out the angles so they can avoid shooting my lungs and heart with the ray guns. Hmmm.

Our over-industrious lawn warrior neighbor to the north has already been firing up his gas powered man machines. I have not so much as lifted a rake yet as I believe in having more than three days between snow shoveling and yard work.

This spring, I had seven days between snow boots and sandals. That's not much of a transition either.

Coffee on the patio with Richie this morning. Perfect.

Tonight's the night for grilling steaks. Yahoo! The maiden voyage!

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