Monday, April 08, 2013

my own domain

Yesterday I bought my own domain, which in my limited knowledge of the internet means that I have a space on the world wide web: My blog will migrate there sometime today, looking just as it does now. The bookmarks and links will stay the same. Very strange.

I've thought about doing this for a long time but I was afraid I'd lose my widgets Or something. I thought it would look different and I thought it would be hard to do. Piece of cake. Click click click. Ten bucks a year. My own space on the internet. Who'd have thought.

Regis tells me I have to put the Swedish candelabra away for the summer. He thinks it might be causing our persistent winter weather. I just heard that it will snow tomorrow so he may be right.

Gonzo and Elvis

We went to Tom and Betty's for dinner last night. Gus was invited, too. He runs and plays with all their dog toys while Gonzo and Elvis watch from the chair. Dinner was great, Tom! Betty and I tried unsuccessfully to remember when we met. We both can be a little addled sometimes, so no surprise there.

Well, I am out of inspiration so I'm going back to bed until the sun comes out again.

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