Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's been a patio kind of weekend

We had our first glass of wine on the patio on Thursday evening. It was a bit chilly but given that we have waited a long time, it was worth it. We spent Friday afternoon and evening on the patio with friends, and yesterday we started with coffee on the patio, then an afternoon on the patio, then an evening on the patio. Such wonderful days.

Today, we're hoping the little kids and some of the grown-up off-spring will come for a cookout after some play time at the park. It will be a smorgasbord of stuff: steaks, chicken, and hot dogs...because I'm not putting much more thought into it than that. I want to enjoy the day not spend the whole thing in the kitchen.

Regis sent me a text message yesterday that said only this: I love you. I am lucky.

No medical appointments this week! Did I mention that before?

I read a powerful breast cancer blog (Michele's). She says cancer is part of her story but not her whole story. I like that. Then I read an article in the paper about how important it is to maintain hope even in dire circumstances. Good things to ponder this morning.

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