Sunday, April 07, 2013

eyelash experiment

I feel very ugly most days. I don't mind the loss of hair on my head so much. Regis says my hair is now about this length. I was hoping it would come back curly and red but no such luck.

I mind the lack of eyelashes and eyebrows more. I look like a knobhead and most times, make-up is way too much trouble so I just live with that look. The other day at Walgreen's, I came face-to-face with the false eyelashes and decided it was time to take another stab at those.

I watched a couple youtube videos, I trimmed them like Richie suggested, and I put the glue on my desk rather than try to squeeze an infinitesimal amount onto a thing the size of a hair. All in all, not a bad try. As long as they don't creep across my face as the evening progresses, we're good.

I chose fairly conservative lashes. You can buy Lady Gaga lashes but I thought that might be too much on my wrinkly old face. Hahahaha!


Old neigbor and friend Deb said...

You are beautiful inside and outside, with or without eyelashes.

Marie said...

don't they itch?

Annie Kate said...

Talk to an eye doctor about a steroid cream that is helpful for hair re-growth. I think my mom used it for eyebrows (maybe lashes...I can't quite remember). I can look into it and ask my dad what he got her if you are jonesing for something new. Fake lashes look like fun though!

You look beautiful just the way you are (always!!), but how you feel is important too :)

Annie Kate said...

It wasn't a steroid. It was Latisse and she used it for her lashes to stimulate growth. She said it worked, but it kind of made her eyelids itchy.