Monday, April 01, 2013

easter 2013

It was the usual cast of characters and the usual high-jinx at our family Easter celebration yesterday. Regis and Peter made pretzel rolls in the morning and I cooked the ham in the afternoon. Everybody brought things to share and the meal was delicious.

It's not a holiday without a dogfight, Regis says, and yesterday the dogfight took the form of a 
non-functional water heater. We had to heat water on the stove all day to keep up with dishes until the Center Point guy came to fix it at the end of the day. Tiffany eked out enough hot water before she went home to get the dishes started. When I get some gumption, I'll finish them. Could even be today.

Here's part of the spread. Fruit by Reg and Amber, wild rice casserole by Tom, vegetables by Brenda and Steve, beans by Emily and Bob, and cheese potatoes by Tiffany and Eric.

I cleaned up the porch and put a heater out there so the kids would have a place to play. Ella does a great job of keeping tabs on the boys but they all place so nicely together.

Here they are recreating the speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil pose.

Gus looks like a monster in this picture. He loves holidays and company!

Ella and her Nana

I still have dirty dishes in the kitchen. Regis is going to make another batch of pretzel rolls for ham sandwiches so I am committed to getting the dishes done soon. That means I will probably have to get dressed and vertical. After my disastrous night's sleep Friday and no nap yesterday, I am not too inclined.

It's very cold and windy today but the sky is bright blue. It's spring at last!

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