Friday, April 26, 2013

bridge, nerves, and patio wine

I wrote the other day about my recurring bridge dream. I couldn't find quite the right picture, then someone posted this on FB the other day and I was amazed. This is it! It's a bridge in Norway and in my dream there were no men in orange jumpsuits but the bridge disappeared in the mist, just like this.

I am awake with the birds this morning...maybe even before the birds. (What time do birds wake up anyway?) I have my radiation simulation this morning and I'm nervous. Regis reminded me that I was nervous before chemo, too, because I didn't know what to expect. I should expect the same with this experience.

Our favorite morning radio show, Shufflefunction, is doing it's annual pledge drive. We like public radio but most of the time, avoid pledge drives. Regis stayed up until midnight to listen and I'm awake at 5am listening to the middle part of their Pledge Drive A Go-Go. It's a hoot.

We made a pledge so we could be programmers for the day again. Programmer for the day means you control the musical destiny of southern Minnesota and the world for three hours. Being on the radio makes me nervous because it's so spontaneous and I am so not spontaneous.

We went to Schmidt's yesterday and bought big steaks for the grill. We also bought some brats, some jalapeno cheddar summer sausage, ground beef, and this for Mom...

I remember having klub for dinner when my dad was gone to a meeting. They're giant potato dumplings with side pork in the middle. We liked to put butter and (gasp) bacon grease on them. You don't go swimming after a meal like that. Norwegians call it potet klub and during the long cold winters on the fjords, this is what they used to sustain them. I love the look of the package.

Gus went for his bath and haircut yesterday morning and I took him for a long walk in the afternoon. I think he wishes I went faster...if I run, it's a nice slow trot for him. Too bad I can't keep that up for a more than thirty seconds.

First patio wine of the season!

When I came home, I dug a couple lawn chairs out of the garage and poured myself a glass of wine. The sun felt so good. A neighbor came over to say hello...we don't see neighbors all winter when we slink in and out of our houses in the dark. Regis came out with Gus and we watched the birds for a while. We're planning our first grill out to be either today or tomorrow. The grand-kids are coming over for a cookout on Sunday. So nice to finally have spring weather!

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