Saturday, April 20, 2013

a tribute to my mom

Being a mother is hard work for a lifetime. I didn't know that when I was growing up and my mom was always there to take care of me and worry about me. I know it now that I have children and grand children. I read once that having a child is like making the decision to let your heart walk around outside of your body. It's true.

My mom is a wise woman. She knows how to have fun and she enjoys life. I wrote this poem about all the things I've learned from her. I think I published it here before but in honor of my mom on Mother's Day, here it is again.

What She Taught Me

For Mom

She taught me knitting, sewing, Teeny Tiny,
and reading every night before you go
to bed. She taught me how to make things for
people you love. She taught me how to make

stuffing by letting the butter and chopped onions sit
on the stovetop overnight. She taught me how to
make spaghetti from scratch
and that leftovers make a good meal and that pets,

even messy ones who come through the screen door
during thunderstorms, are part of the family.
She taught me that it’s more important to bake
fresh cookies or to read a book than

have a clean house. She taught me that having piles
of books around your house is decorating and that wearing
a flannel nightgown until noon doesn’t mean you’re
lazy. She taught me that you invite people over

if you’re lonely. She taught me how to always
believe you can fix it yourself and to keep on learning
and that when you go on vacation you should
stay with relatives. She taught me that cookbooks make good

reading and if you don’t have what it calls
for, you use something else. She taught me that hunting
down a good deal and taking a long nap in the afternoon is
the only exercise you ever really need in life.

When my dad died, her husband of more than fifty years, she
taught me that you cry but you go on. You go on living. You keep
the ashes in the window sill, you tell stories about the memories
and you laugh and you cry. But you keep on living.


grandma Saum said...

What a wonderful surprise to read your blog this morning. I really needed a boost in my spirits after such a long harsh winter. Thank you my darling daughter. I love you.
I will drink a glass of wine in your honor tonight; to celebrate the end of chemo and the start of good health for you. Bless you...

grandma Saum said...

Is it Mother's Day ???? I always though that was the opening day of fishing...

tccomments2013 said...

dear teresa, i love your blog so much - i've been going back to read as far as 2008. i saw your mom's comment about the book, "the other boleyn girl" and i could not stop giggling!

you are so fortunate to have each other. there is a lovely french proverb, "gratitude is the heart's memory." it's so uplifting to know that you have such gratitude for each other.

love, XOXO, karen