Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a blog post that does not mention the weather

We had a delightful time yesterday visiting our old neighbors, Mike and Erin, at their new house. Five-year old Kathryn was shy at first but by the end of our visit, she was chattering a mile a minute as she jogged past the couch. New baby, Nora Jane, is beautiful.

Regis went off to do taxes one last time so I am free to do whatever I feel like doing which most days is nothing. We have about four inches of snow on the ground with more to come so that precludes yard work, thank God.

Not that I would get started this early anyway. My lawn warrior neighbor starts raking as the snow piles recede. Not us. Usually, we mean to rake and then...we don't. We're the minimalist lawn care people on our street. We pick up the circulars that come in those neon bags and we mow sometimes. I like to say we're making oxygen by letting the grass get tall.

I'm reading a new book. The author describes his mother who is in a nursing home with dementia, false teeth, gray and lanky hair, and a multitude of wrinkles. Then he says she is 60. WTF. I know people who are 90 who don't look like that. WTF.

Since spring is so long in coming and we're anxious for gardening season, I decided to visit the archives of photos of my garden. It was beautiful in 2003. I want to have a nice garden again this summer.

Here's to spring...whenever it arrives!

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