Wednesday, April 17, 2013

25 random things about me...a writing assignment

  1. I like to read... constantly. I can't sit still for five minutes without reading something...the label on a box, someone else's list, a road map.
  2. I have been lucky enough to always have someone in my life who fills my car with gas. I rarely do it myself.
  3. I ran a half marathon in something over three hours which is more time than some people take to run a full marathon.
  4. In the sportpix photo of me in the half marathon, I was eating a peanut butter sandwich and waving at people.
  5. I got an F on the softball throw every year in school because I could only throw it 50 feet. 
  6. I swam across the Iowa River once. It was a very dumb thing to do.
  7. I hate carnival rides that leave the ground or go fast.
  8. I told a man at a service station years ago that I thought my oil light was broken because it was going off and on. He said I didn't deserve to drive a car.
  9. Two things I can't do: math and cards.
  10. I played the French horn (badly) in high school.
  11. I never kill spiders, even if they are in the house. I have rescued a few from the sink and the tub. Eventually they dry off and run away.
  12. I have only flown in an airplane seven times. Three times to Philadelphia, once to Spokane, once to San Francisco, once to Arizona, and once to Iowa.
  13. I know how to make pierogis (Polish) and lefse (Norwegian).
  14. I'd like to learn to draw and play the concertina. Not at the same time.
  15. Yesterday I made a list of my 50 favorite books. The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien was on the list.
  16. Since, October 1, 2006, I've written 1,903 blog posts.
  17. I never play the radio in the car when I'm driving.
  18. I eat peanut butter almost every day.
  19. I like social media but I think Pinterest is electronic hoarding.
  20. I love to diagram sentences.
  21. I have a binder for the recipes of each holiday. I save the menu, the recipes, and a few pictures. It's like the archive for my cooking life.
  22. I remember when it cost 25 cents to go to a movie and popcorn was a dime.
  23. I started school in Herman, Minnesota. I didn't go to kindergarten because they didn't have one.
  24. I taught my dog to give a high five.
  25. I can't believe it was so hard to come up with 25 random things.


tccomments2013 said...

dear teresa,

this list was revealing, hilarious, and totally endearing. i think i will issue a challenge to myself to make my own list. oh, god, what a scary thought!

love, xoxo,


Teresa Saum said...

So glad you enjoyed the 25 random things about me! I appreciate your comments so much. The list was fun to do but harder than I thought it would be. I only got interested when a friend of mine wrote one and shared it. You know I like is an old one...a favorite of mine from the past:

Send me your list!