Sunday, March 03, 2013

would have been a good post had it been real

I looked at my recent list of blog posts yesterday and thought, oh brother, what a drag. I should try to come up with something better, more exciting, even just interesting. Not much to tell when I spend most of my time sleeping or staring into space.

This morning, as I was waking up, I had a great story to tell and was composing it in my head...then realized it was only a dream and not very good at that because it ended with a rant and then me getting lost. Ah, well.

We hobbled over icy terrain to the neighbor's house last night for wine and homemade pizza. Kemmie and Joanne are good neighbors and we're hoping to see more of them when the weather is more conducive to visiting. It was good and talk.

I talked to my research nurse and the exercise physiologist this week about my activity guilt. I think I should do more but I don't seem able to make myself do it. They both said moderate exercise is good for my immune system...extreme exercise is not. How moderate exercise is defined for me will vary depending on how I feel. Moderate exercise for me yesterday involved spending most of the day in bed with occasional trips to the bathroom or the kitchen.

I'll try to let go of the guilt. Not a healthy emotion anyway.

I slept most of the day. When I got up, Regis suggested we go to the Lone Star for an early dinner. I had already made a meatloaf so I put in the refrigerator and shut the oven off...and away we went. It was nice there...great smells, good food, nice company, good wine.

Tomorrow, I'm going to call my primary doc about my mental state. I read that it is not uncommon for people diagnosed with cancer to suffer from depression. Since I spend half of my waking hours in bed or asleep, it seems like a good question.

We're waiting for a blizzard! Pictures to follow!

We woke to about an inch of snow with more (predicted) to come. We're going to exercise this morning since it's our last week. We graduate on March 8th and figure we should go out in style. I wore my St. Patty's day green and white striped socks on Friday, in preparation for the holiday. They're trying to convince me to put on the whole costume for graduation day but I think it might be too much. The hospital security would probably call in reinforcements. I look a little weird at the parade and that's saying something.

Regis tells me that the weather service is now naming winter storms and this one is Saturn. It's not much of a winter storm yet and I doubt it will reach proportions where it needs a name, but who knows. Maybe they should pick a name that's not quite so grandiose, Don or Heather, for example.

I asked Regis to go out and brush off the bird feeder this morning so the little birds could eat. I think I'll bring the bag in the house and put out less each time so we can keep them supplied during this winter storm. You know, Saturn.

My agenda for the day is to finish the dishes, clean the old left-overs out of the refrigerator, exercise, read, watch the snow, take a nap. Ambitious, eh?

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tccomments2013 said...

dear teresa,

just want you to know that i love your blog, i love your honesty, your unique YOU. sometimes shit happens and you just have to sleep or roll as best you can with the ups and downs of what you are going through with treatment. like you say, it ain't all pink ribbons and sunday parades, and sometimes we all are spellbound by our own imperfect lives. you are helping legions of people who are where you are at - knocked down bored to tears with winter - BAH AND BALDERDASH TO SATURN!, the stultifying fatigue, and wishing we didn't feel the slap of wind across our face as days of doldrums fly past us.

i send you my most powerful vibes for comfort and peace with whatever the days present you with,

love, and a warm hug,

karen, TC