Sunday, March 17, 2013

top o' the morning

I went outside in my pajamas and slippers this morning to fetch a four-pack of Guinness out of the trunk just as the neighbors were getting in their car to go to church. It would have made a great picture.

In the last few days, I read the book Benediction by Kent Haruf. It was a nice change from the murder and mayhem I've been reading. He talks about the precious ordinary, which is probably a little bit like being spellbound by your own imperfect life. There's a chapter where three old women and a young girl go swimming in a cattle tank on a hot summer day. That chapter was worth the price of admission. Precious ordinary.

We celebrated Elliot's birthday last night with a Star Wars party. The kids wore costumes and carried blasters and blow-up light sabers. It was a party with a lot of noise but lots of fun. It's been a long winter of strep throat, flu, ear infections and snow storms so it was great fun to get together and laugh.

Uncle Reg put on a Chewbacca mask and went downstairs to scare the bejesus out of the kids. I'd say it worked!

I told Tiffany she was setting the bar kind of high for future parties with all the decorations, costumes, and cake. That's me...I was a minimalist mom. I made a dinosaur cake for Peter once, in the days before bakeries did things like this, and the dinosaur looked like a giant purple dog. He didn't care.

I'm putting corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot this morning so we have a nice Irish dinner after the parade. St. Peter's parade, which is legendary, starts and 3 o'clock and ends about 3:14. It's not a big time commitment and it's a hoot. Pretty much anybody, dressed in green or not, can join the parade.

Better get on with it, I'd say. I'm going to the kitchen to get started. I see a nap in my future, too.

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Jill said...

Charlie would've loved a party like that when he was a little boy. He was crazy for Star Wars. The kids look adorable... and I'd say that Wookie mask would scare anyone!