Monday, March 18, 2013

the weather blows

I woke up to clanging wind chimes this morning. The weather folks are predicting 50 mph winds and wind is my least favorite weather event so I think I am refusing to leave the house today. There isn't much additional snow here but with winds like these, it could blow from Fargo.

I have slept like a champ the last three nights. Last night I went to bed at 10 and slept until 8, waking only briefly. You can't appreciate this unless you are a fellow insomniac.

I didn't go to the St. Patrick's Day parade. I just couldn't work up the gumption and I knew I would regret it. Of course, at 3:10, I regretted it but it was too late. We love holidays and always kick ourselves if we let one go by without recognition. I made corned beef and cabbage and we watched The Quiet Man so all was not lost.

It's my baby girl, Tiffany's, 28th birthday today. I miss the days when I made her birthday cake and bought her dolls.

Here is my psychic energy pie graph:

I'm not assigning names to those sections but this feels like how it is. I can walk by things in the house and mentally dismiss them...bills, papers, magazines. I feel like my zone of awareness has shrunk.

I like to read my old blog posts. Once in a while, I delve into the archives to read about a period of time to see what we were doing and what my impressions were. One bad thing: if I notice a typo or a misspelled word or think of a better way to say something, I feel compelled to change it. No! I can't start doing that! The blog is like life. You can remember but you can't change things. It would make you crazy.

I suppose some people do multiple editing reads and maybe save their posts as drafts until they know they have perfection. Not me.

A friend of mine, Jaime, said that the reality of cancer and chemo didn't really hit her until it was all over. Like the tornado, I can't wait for that mac truck to hit me. I was thinking that it would be a feeling of liberation at the end of all the treatments but maybe there is more to come.

I miss having parties this winter. We've had some great ones in the past and maybe I should start thinking about next summer and checking out holidays. Summer Solstice, Flag Day, Canada Day. I spent yesterday afternoon planning my Easter menu and looking though my spring recipe binder. The menu is ready and the recipes are collected. The lists of groceries and things to do are made. All that's left is the gathering and the good time!

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Caroline said...

I do go back and fix typos. But I don't reword things...