Tuesday, March 05, 2013

snowy whoop ass

 The whoop ass for today was a beautiful snowfall. (About ten inches) Regis took a few snaps out the front door so our warm climate friends can see what Minnesota looks like in March.

Our patio chimnea is waiting to be free of snow so it can cook marshmallows and wieners on sticks.

Tidy little snow cone built up in the bottom of the chimnea.

Last year the bunny was covered to the tips of his ears.

A snow angel wearing my dad's cowboy hat and a leopard scarf.

A snow angel wearing a black cloche and a velvet scarf.

A snow angel wearing a red velveteen hat with lion pin and a purple scarf hand knit by my cousin, Chris, in Florida!

The snow angel family.

Regis gets his exercise blowing the snow off the neighbors' walks.

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