Sunday, March 31, 2013

rocky day and Easter morning


And I don't mean like the Sylvester Stallone rocky either. After three hours of sleep last night, I tried to nap. No good. I have another unpleasant side effect that wakes me up if I do go to sleep. I feel wobbly but I got the dishes done and some stuff picked up around here. I made a peanut buster parfait dessert but ended up with chocolate over all my fingers and my sweater. Uff da.

We decided to dye Easter eggs but you can't buy that stuff the day before Easter. Like Brach's classic jelly beans...gone, gone, gone. I don't have the gumption to figure out that natural dye thing. Onion skins and beets. Not for this cookie.

I need to sleep.

Next morning...

After a three hour nap in the late afternoon, I went to bed at 10 and slept until 7. I know sleep is not a big deal and kind of a boring topic...unless you aren't getting any. Last night's sleep was blissful.

I have been busy, mostly cutting things off my list of things to do. Some holidays I have detailed lists for three days prior, by the hour. I have a much more relaxed attitude about this one. Not a bad thing.

The snow is mostly gone from the patio. This could be the week we bring the swing out of the garage and cook on the grill for the first time. We live on our patio in the summer so we're anxious to get out there again.

I'm not very inspired this morning. Maybe my brain is not quite awake.

I plan to enjoy the day and not worry about what I did or did not do. All the kids will be here. It will be a lovely day.


Unknown said...

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Teresa Saum said...

It’s public, so sure. What is your group about?