Tuesday, March 26, 2013

plan of the day ...reasons to be optimistic

Here's mine.

Regis and I are drinking coffee and keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Gus is taking his first nap of the day. I had such a good night's sleep, I may not need a nap today.

It's the first day that it has really looked like spring to me. There is still snow everywhere but the sky is promising spring. It would be a good day for a walk.

It's Pinot and Pizza Tuesday at the winery and Regis says he's taking me out for dinner. I can see those two things coming together nicely.

Right now, I feel like I am tired of being in bed. Bed has been my blanket fort for months. It's where I retreat. It's my sanctuary. I have my jar of Vicks, my box of Kleenex, my books, a snack, and a water bottle. A guy could survive a long time with those supplies.

I managed to order some spring/summer hats yesterday. I found them on Etsy in lots of bright colors and fun patterns. The process was arduous...do you know how many hats there are between Etsy and Amazon? It can warm up now...I'm ready!

I folded a turtleneck sweater yesterday and thought maybe I have seen the last of that for this year. I have to get spring clothes out. You can't wear black wool in April even if it's cold.

So, that's my brief but optimistic post for the day.

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