Friday, March 08, 2013

missed a day but no cause for alarm

I had my sixth taxol treatment yesterday. It's been progressively harder, with more fatigue, some stomach upset and other digestive issues. Nothing serious, though, like numbness in my fingers and toes. The nurses are very reassuring that it's normal and I should not feel guilty about being lethargic.

Six down and six to go. I thought, for a minute, that I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Then I asked Judy if next time would be the last time I saw the oncologist. Oh, no, she said, you'll see him for a long time. Every three months. Good thing he's very nice and very funny.

Regis and I stopped at one of our favorite places (It's a sports bar but the food is good and the service is great...and they only have 10 tv's as opposed to 47). They were blasting country music out of the speakers as we came in the door but as soon as we were seated they changed it to some 70's soft folk music. We must look like geezers.

We graduate from geriatric exercise class this morning. I'll miss those people...a lot. The staff is wonderful and we have met some real characters.

Regis signed us up to bottle wine at Morgan Creek tomorrow! We work from 9-3 pm and earn a bottle of wine for each hour that we work. We provide our own lunch and they provide the wine. I picture it like this even though it's bottling and not stomping. It will be my whoop ass for the day.

My friend, Jill, sent this snow angel photo. She says she found it on the internet and I'd say it looks suspiciously like her house, but it doesn't. It looks like some wine might have been consumed in the making of this picture! A great addition to my snow angel collection.

Joey, my friend in Hoboken, New Jersey, sent this picture. It was originally posted by Susan Israel of the Skywatch 13 Team. Just trying to give credit to the artist! She captured a flying snow angel!

Happy Friday, my friends. Finding joy is a task worth putting on your list of things to do!

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