Thursday, March 14, 2013

blanket fort as medicine

I tried to find a picture of a blanket fort on google but today I'm worried about the copyright police so this picture of Gus will have to do.

My friend, Joanne, suggested a blanket fort and crayons on Facebook the other day. I think it's a great idea and it made me realize that for the past four months, I've been occupying my metaphorical blanket fort most days.

I wake up, I drink coffee, I check my email, I go back to bed. Sometimes I don't sleep but many times I do. I've read many books this winter because that's what I do best. Slothfulness at its peak.

I had a terrible night's sleep last night. I know I was awake every hour until 4 am. It was gruesome. At some point, Gus came over to my side and laid his big furry paw across my arm. He's a great companion in a blanket fort.

We had a light snowfall overnight that I am happy to say is melting of its own accord. I love snow but this time of year, it gets old. Regis tells me we might be in for a late season storm Sunday night. I will be happy for my garden if that comes true, but really. On St. Patrick's Day?

I was fascinated by the pope's selection and the poufs of smoke. Peter called the other day and of course, he knew nothing about this. I explained the significance of white versus black smoke. He said, "Man, that is some ancient shit. Wouldn't it be easier to just send out a tweet or something?" I said I thought they were doing that, too.

It amazes me that 100,000 people stood out in that square in the rain, watching for smoke. I'd be inside waiting for the tweet.

I have to go to the grocery store. I have been thinking that for weeks. (Regis usually does our main shopping so it's not like we're starving.) I dread it. I can't make myself do it. I worry about running into people who don't know about the cancer and I will have to stand in the aisle of the coop and explain why I have no hair. I know that's silly, but it's what I think.

It's probably part of my general malaise, too.

Regis is taking Gus to the dog park and I asked him if he would squire me to the store when he comes home. Not that I can't drive myself, but if he's waiting in the driveway, I'm committed to going.

I'm going to get dressed now. I will attempt to stay vertical for most of this day.

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