Saturday, March 16, 2013

beware the ides of march

Regis and I like to recognize holidays. This week there were two: Pi Day and the Ides of March. Next week starts with one of our favorites, St. Patrick's Day. This is a picture of Tom and me taken a few years ago. We were in front of the Irish bar, Patrick's. It's an institution, especially on St. Patrick's Day.

I love my costume but it's weather dependent. I will not wear a wig and a green felt hat when it's 80 degrees like it was last year. Not much chance of that tomorrow.

We're celebrating Elliot's birthday tonight and Tuesday is Tiffany's 28th birthday. Big week in the celebration department!

I had my 7th taxol treatment so I am more than halfway done. I had a different doctor who I liked very much. I asked him a question about cure rates and breast cancer versus other kinds of cancer. He went on for about five minutes with a lengthy but very understandable report on the research, including numbers and percents. Indicating to me, once again, that there are some (many) reasons I am not a doctor and memory is just one of them. I'd get to the first "one out of five" and say, wait...wait...what?

I had a dream last night that they told me I had enough chemo so I was done. Not much chance of that either.

We were listening to our favorite radio program on our way to the clinic yesterday. One of the show's co-hosts is obsessed right now with the Kennedy assassination. Really? Wasn't that fifty years ago? I have to admit to absolutely no curiosity, much less obsession with that event. She talked about a book she loves...The Assassination Dictionary. It just makes you realize how we might all live on the planet together but we sometimes travel in very different planes.

I slept away the first half of the week and now I can't sleep much at all. The last three nights, I haven't gotten to sleep until 2 am. Man, I hate that.

I decided that my Kindle might be contributing to my sleep issues. I'm not convinced of that, but I'm willing to experiment. I haven't read a real book in bed since I got the Kindle. Yesterday at chemo, I started reading Dalva because it's one of my favorite books. I know the plot so I can just read for the enjoyment of the writing.

I also took your book, Broken Lines, Bob Bengtson! I loved Christmas Lights and read it many times. Of course, because I know you, I have the luxury of hearing your voice in my head when I read your poems.

Check out more of David's poems here.

So, I come across a word I didn't know and I put my finger up to the page to look it up. Tough for an old bird to transition back and forth from paper to digital then back to paper.

I don't think the experiment worked anyway. I went back to the Kindle about midnight because I got tired of holding up a book and a lighting device.

We're going to have single digit temps for the next few nights. Come on. What kind of clothes do you wear this time of year when it's that cold? Do I really have to go to the basement and unearth the long underwear?

This post sounds sort of grumpy and maybe it's because I am a little. Raggedy sleep will do that to you. My head has been better this week, though, for some reason. I don't feel like I'm in such a black hole all the time.

Be sure to put celebrating on your list of things to do this week.

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Jill said...

I came back to this blog entry today to listen to David/Bob talk about his poetry and read some poems. Soothing, delightful.