Sunday, February 17, 2013

wisconsin snow angels

I am really touched when people send me snow angels. These three came from my cousin (second cousin?) in Wisconsin. I love the real snow angel at the top. She will be happier in the spring when she is surrounded by daffodils rather than snow, but she's cute just the same.

This is one of Michelle's little ones, Benjamin, making a snow angel. Looks like they have nice fluffy snow. Ours is mostly ice and hardened black slush...doesn't make such pretty snow angels


Sometimes the formatting on blogger makes me insane. Why it insists on leaving those big gaps is a mystery. The other day it would not let me save a couple pictures of the pope. Well, actually one was the pope in a long white coat and the other was a gentleman of the evening in a similar long white coat. I figured it was a conspiracy of some kind and finally gave up in despair.

I've decided to pare my life down even closer to its core. This round of Paclitaxel is kicking me hard. I'm not sick but I'm tired. I have less energy maybe because I have less time to recover. I don't know. Judy, my research nurse, told me to expect cumulative fatigue. Oh, boy.

I'm not sure yet exactly what this means but I hope it doesn't mean I'll shuffle around the house in my nightgown and forego showers for days on end, let the trash pile up and the dirty dishes sit in the sink. Regis is helpful with those kinds of things so we'll be fine. I'll figure it out.

It's good this day started out well at 5 am because it sort of slid downhill from there. I am going to refrain from even starting to complain about the things that bothered me today because I know tomorrow they won't seem so bad. I didn't take a nap after lunch, instead took a shower, made focaccia bread, did some laundry, and tried to feel better. It worked a little.

Sigh. Some days are hard.

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Old neigbor and friend Deb said...

It's always okay just to kick the can of whoop ass out of your way some days instead of trying to open it!