Thursday, February 07, 2013

whoop ass and running on ice

I walked downtown yesterday morning for the fresh air and exercise. Mostly I walked in the street because the sidewalks are treacherous. I walked like a penguin and watched every footfall. I was careful. Everyone says to be careful but that doesn't have much to do with it. One second you're vertical and the next second, you're horizontal. Not like you say to yourself, "Hell. I'm going to take a chance and shuffle fast!"

Behind Ace Hardware I met my Waterloo. One second I was up, vertical and chugging along just fine and the next second, I was down horizontal. Nothing broken but I have a bruise on my hip. When I told the story at the coffee shop, they thought I should have a ride home but I declined and I made it safely back to my abode.

I stopped at the Pulse to see Rachel, at Culligan to see Kris and Gus, ran into Anders RM on the street and heard about his new adventure, went to Sew Boutique to see Kay who made me two lovely port pillows. I went to My Father's Daughter to buy a hat for a new friend at the exercise class. I stopped at Contents and did a little shopping for things to send my mom and then to the PO to mail a book. I had a busy morning, you can see. It was busy, and so nice, I would consider it my daily can of whoop ass!

Here's what my afternoon will consist of...a chemical shit storm of force field proportion. I have no idea what a force field is but this is how I envision it. The cancer cells are in the middle and the Paclitaxel hits them like a million laser guns.

I've decided that the duration of my chemotherapy and radiation is so far into the future that it's going to be my hobby for now. Rather than just gritting my teeth and gutting it out, I am going to find something to enjoy about it so I look forward to it. I think I wrote about this before. I did look forward to the Lorna Doones until Regis read the ingredients and found that they use palm oil and hydrogenated oil. Both are very bad. Shit.

Maybe I'll make a few snow angels around the cancer center today. If I drop into the snow a team of people will probably come running with a gurney and an AED. Hahahaha! Funny to think about that. I wonder if they would charge me for a false alarm.

Remember today, as you make your list of things to do, that pleasure is a thing that also needs accomplishing.

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Old neigbor and friend Deb said...

I think we need to fashion ass and hip pillows to protect us from the dangers of venturing outside!