Sunday, February 24, 2013

the big sleep, then more optimism

Out of the last 48 hours, I have slept nearly 36 of them. It amounts to two good nights of sleep and several prolonged naps. It was blissful and I feel renewed and invigorated. Don't get any ideas about me cleaning the basement or sorting through our CD collection because that ain't happening but I might sit in the chair and knit today which requires more verticality than napping does.

I even managed to do some cooking yesterday, between naps. Nothing fancy...chicken breasts, beef stew, corn meal muffins, sweet potatoes. Enough to provide good nutrition for a few days.

Regis and I did our household chores yesterday so that means today is a day of rest. Ha! There's some irony for you. I wonder how I did squeeze in all that sleeping.

Things are looking up. I feel more optimistic that spring will come, the ice will melt, I will feel better, and life will go on. There are days on the patio ahead, my friends!

One of the nice side effects of all the sleeping is all the reading. I read before I go to sleep and again when I wake up. I read at night and sometimes I read in the middle of the night. I go through about three books a week, having gone through a British mystery phase, a non-fiction phase, a Tony Hillerman phase, and a William Kent Kruger phase. I just got the new Bookmarks magazine so I can find some new material.

We finished all the episodes of Doc Martin that are available. I think Regis was relieved but I miss the characters. We'll have to find another series to watch. We watched an action movie last night and I think the action just distracts from the story sometimes. I loved the characters in the movie but all the fights and chases were boring. Give me a movie where nothing much happens.

It's only 6:45 and it's getting light outside! There's cause for optimism!

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