Monday, February 04, 2013

my metabolism slows to a crawl

I'm a turtle. I should dig my way under the snow and dirt to hibernate the rest of the winter and only come out when the warm sun shines. Seriously, It's about what I am doing...without the digging.

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the house except for a brief outing to the winery and one to buy a few groceries. The more troublesome part of this being housebound is that I didn't mind it. I took naps, I read books, I watched movies, I talked to friends and family on the phone. What if I actually had to round up some ambition and do something?

Regis went to the first half of a super bowl party but I stayed home since there were germs abounding. I ate part of a little frozen pizza (I get a craving for frozen pizza once a decade or so...) and watched Inspector Lewis on television.

Regis and I are going to exercise this morning even though he has the general malaise from low hemoglobin and I have the metabolism of a turtle. He's calling one of his ologists today to make sure he's doing the right thing as general malaise is no fun.

I asked my oncologist last week how they know these chemicals are working. At first he said because of thousands and thousands of patients who have been treated with them and the research they have done on all of those patients. But then I wanted to know how they know it works for me? Will their be repeated scans, I asked? Pet scans? Bone scans? MRI?

Judy said no scans unless there are symptoms. They watch my blood work and my symptoms closely for signs. That's a little creepy. Like watching for news of recurring cancer in tea leaves. I'd rather not wait until I have symptoms to treat the cancer, thank you very much. I would like them to scout the outposts and deter their encampments. Ah, life in my world.

At first, I thought about my cancer battle like this. Cancer a huge scaly dragon. Me tiny, mostly unarmed.

Now I like to think about it more like this. Multiple good guys in the cancer light saber army and much more modern weaponry than a sword and shield. I have to remember when I go to see my oncologist that there are a lot of good guys behind the curtain...oncologists, specialists, researchers, teachers. They've got me covered.

Today will be a good day. We're meeting friends, Jim and Kay, at a new restaurant in Mankato, Axel's Barbecue, for dinner. I've already scoped out the online menu and decided what I want. It's an early Valentine dinner since none of like to fight crowds on holidays like that. Sneak in early, get good service, no crowds, good food. Perfect.

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