Wednesday, February 13, 2013

job opening at the vatican

The pope is retiring. Presumably to live happy, wild, and free. If I were him, I would be happiest to be shed of that ridiculous chapeaux. It has those long tails on the back to help stabilize your head. I do like the wand. It's no wonder the guy wants to quit, all that heavy shit he has to carry around.

Really. What is up with the oomp loompa outfits? I don't what looks sillier...the guys in all the stripes and red feathers or the old dude in the pink beanie. You have to agree, this is bad fashion magic.

I admit to spending some time this morning looking at funny pictures of the pope and his tribe. Here's a blog you can check out for more photos and some commentary. The whole process fascinates me...the voting, the puffs of black smoke, then ta da! the puff of white smoke when a new pope has been elected.

New, ah, bath tissue we are giving a try. Bath tissue? Anyway, you can see at the bottom that it's made from sugar cane husks and bamboo which gives an interesting visual. It's 100% tree free, too. I bought it because I was rebelling at the price of the stuff we usually buy. It's a necessity of should be free like cars and wine.

Cancer-wise, things are fine, although I have been very tired. I exercised yesterday and bought groceries, then came home to lay around the rest of the day reading and dozing. This morning I slept until 7:30. The good news is that I had a dream. I don't remember it but it was a good one. Maybe this is why I never dreamed before...I never slept enough.

I have my third Paclitaxel treatment tomorrow afternoon. They don't cause me anxiety anymore and I don't worry about the eternity that they seem to last. It's my hobby.

Regis is doing AARP taxes today and he wants me to take him so I can have the case I want to go somewhere. I don't want to go anywhere so I don't need a car. It's a battle of wills.

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