Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elvis burger and winter

Yesterday I spent much of the day in bed either reading or sleeping. When I stumbled out of the bedroom at 4 o'clock, I wondered what we would have for dinner. I had the ingredients, but not the wherewithal, to make stuffed peppers so we wandered over to Whiskey River.

We could have been seated by the big windows to watch the snow fly in the 40 mph winds but we hunkered down in a corner booth with a glass of wine and a beer and contemplated comfort food. For Regis, that was the special, an Elvis burger. Peanut butter and banana slices on a hamburger. I had a chicken quesadilla that came on a nice bed of lettuce with fresh tomato salsa and cilantro. It was delicious.

I'm awake early this morning and I can hear the wind howling outside again. There were whiteout conditions in parts of the state yesterday and last night. It's February 19th. Aren't we supposed to be reaching the end of this subzero stuff? Regis said three blizzards are predicted for the next few weeks but I'll believe that when I see it. I am adding drought-related fires to my list of anxieties.

I've already closed the drapes (although drapes is a pretty fancy word for what I have for window coverings) so I don't have to look out at the frozen tundra.

My plan of the day includes: getting the pepper ingredients ready so I can make dinner tonight, putting on my long faux beaver coat and meeting Kris for lunch at 11:00, reading the papers that Jill and I do together twice a year, making some cards to send out to friends and family. Maybe taking the Valentine decorations off the tree.

The last has been on my list for a long time and once in a while I do accomplish a few. When I made Valentines, I put some of the hearts on upside down which was discouraging. I realize that some of my cards look like they came home in your elementary student's backpack. I am not an artist...but I could play one on tv. Hahaha!

Alex is celebrating his 4th birthday today! Happy birthday, Alex! We'll see you later for pizza!

Oh, shit. See how my brain works? I have stuffed peppers on my list of things to do and then I remember we're having pizza. I can't keep things straight. I told Regis he will have to do my primary thinking for the next few months. I can't be trusted. Every time the phone rings, I'm afraid it's someone telling me about something I forgot to do.

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tccomments2013 said...

dear teresa,

i hear ya! about the forgetting to remember - it's nothing but a big bullshit (i think some really old lady said that in a movie once and i love that expression - hey, how come i can remember THAT?!)

your alex is adorable! happy birthday to him!

love, XO,

karen, TC