Saturday, January 05, 2013

snow and sand angels...i put out the call again

One day this week, I put out the call for snow angel pictures, or if my friends live in a warm climate, a sand angel would do. I asked that people send them to me. The response was underwhelming but I was tickled with this picture my friend, Sharon, sent from Sarasota, Florida. The sand is so white it looks like snow!

I love that the sand angel has a straw hat in the final photo. I would still like to get pictures if you have half a mind to lay yourself down in the tall grass, or snow, or sand. Whatever you got where you live.

I took Gus for a walk yesterday and thought about dropping into the snow myself but I was in the area of the hospital and I was afraid someone would send out the ambulance if I suddenly dropped to my back and starting flopping my arms and legs around.

If you aren't of a mind to do it yourself, don't you know some small kids who would like to learn to make snow angels? Snow angels are like May baskets...a disappearing art. Be a part of the movement to revive the art of snow angels!

Really, we would all be better off if we worried more about snow angels and less about housecleaning and bills. I would say the aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to make a snow angel. Rebel! Get in the snow!

After today, we will be a one car family. We really don't need two cars anymore, we won't have to pay insurance on two cars, and someone else can benefit from the good care the little Corolla had from Regis. Bye bye, Toyota!

Tiffany and I met to transfer the title. Because she was working, we met up in Mankato. We had both looked on the internet to see where to go but before we ended up in the right place, we went to the Justice Center, the old courthouse, and the recycling center which is a very upscale and modern looking building. Not the kind of place you would expect to find old newspapers and tin cans. Finally, we both ended up at the government center licensing department. Mankato...better signage? Better information on the web?

When I was at the Paw the other day, a dog passed me that looked like my old friend, Deb's dog, Dickens. Dickens was a big dog and a lab/Basset cross. Like a giant lab with half-legs but he could jump like an NBA star. When we were in the yard, he would often do a vertical leap to peer at us over the five-foot fence. It was truly amazing. Dickens looked like this.

I commented to the woman behind the desk that I used to know a dog like that who could jump straight into the air. She laughed and said this dog's owners have their kitchen table set up on cinder blocks because the dog can jump onto the table. I laughed and laughed.

So last night, Deb came down and I showed her the picture I had drawn of Dickens and the table on cinder blocks. Deb's son, Ryan, is an artist, and he says anybody can learn to draw. I sent my picture home with her and said to tell him this could be proof that it might not be true. We had a glass of Ass Kicker beer, watched for cardinals, and talked about when our kids were little and played together in refrigerator boxes on the driveway. It was a sweet evening.


My friend, Richie, is stopping over this morning. She brought us a spaghetti dinner the other night and we enjoyed it immensely. The food other people prepare always tastes so good!

Regis is off to do tax prep schooling for AARP this morning. As I would rather be staked naked to an ant hill and covered with honey, I am staying home doing what I do best: sitting in my chair, drinking coffee, and socializing.

Ella and I made snow angels on December 20, 2010 in Mike's yard. There was a full moon and it was magical. See our angels behind us?

It was a beautiful winter that year.

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