Thursday, January 31, 2013

no snow days for chemo

I'm sitting in my cozy living room drinking coffee when I hear that schools in St. Peter are starting two hours late and Mankato schools are closed due to the way below zero wind chills. I remember the days when a late start or a close gave me a little tingle of excitement. One downside to retirement: I still have to go out on days like this. There are no snow days for chemo.

Yesterday, Mary Smith from Mary's Flowers delivered a little pot of daffodils because I knew the answer to her Facebook quiz: William Wordsworth. It's always fun to see Mary almost any day. She is a ray of sunshine herself and sometimes delivers flowers with a song. She told me she includes me in her prayers every night which is a nice thing.

In the interest of full disclosure I am posting the picture Mary took. I'm dressed in my exercise clothes, my hat is cocked, and you can see my messy kitchen. Oh, hell. There are worse things, right?

I will say that is my Valentine's Day tree and not my Christmas tree. Although, I'm not saying I might not be lazy enough to leave my Christmas tree up until February. The tree will get one more costume change for St. Patrick's Day before it goes away for the summer.

I have to plan my attired carefully today. I have to wear something warm enough that I don't freeze to death on my way to the car, something I can exercise gently in, and something that will give the nurses access to my port. That's a lot of criteria and I haven't even considered foot wear yet. I need a fashion spreadsheet.

My relatives are gathering in a small town in North Dakota today to say goodbye to my brother, Steve. The windchill will be 40 degrees below zero there. I worry about them driving in this bitter cold. It will be a long day for them and I'll be thinking about them all.

Off to my first Paclitaxel treatment. The link is interesting if you want to know more about it. It's a taxane and was originally made from the yew tree. Now it's produced synthetically. It stops cancer my preventing cells from dividing.

Stay warm, my friends!

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