Sunday, January 20, 2013

my daily can of whoop ass

I have some new hobbies. I find I have a lot of time to sit around lately so I needed something to do. I still read a lot but I looked for something else. I may have written about my trip through Hobby Lobby looking at  drawing kits and paint by number kits.

Card making is big sport now in the hobby shops. Aisles and aisles of specialty paper, fancy scissors, stamps, stickers, and all manner of thing. I randomly bought some blank cards and some stickers. Oh, and a package of crocheted stuff. I'm not Martha Stewart and nobody would ever mistake my cards for something made by a professional but they're fun. I'm currently working on some Valentines.

My other new hobby is knitting. Mom taught me to knit when I was very young...maybe 7 or 8. At one time in my life I knew how to make mittens and made them by the sackful for little kids in Minneapolis who didn't have mittens. I'm not sure I could handle that many needles anymore but I like making scarves.

I made one for Tiffany before Christmas. It was made from red chunky yarn and I made it into a cowl which is my favorite pattern because there is no pattern. The one on the left below is shades of purple and I made it for Latisha. The one on the right is teal and I made it for Kathy.

Here's one I'm starting for mom. If I really go to town, I can finish one in three days. If you need a scarf, let me know. Marilyn? Nancy? Betty? Jill? Richie? I know big wooly cowls don't sound good to my warm climate friends but when the wind chill is 16 below like it is here, you die if you fall down on your way out with the trash so you've got to dress warm. This place ain't for sissies.

I asked my friends on Facebook to come over and smack me in the head if I ever start talking about making refrigerator magnets with googly eyes.

I hate it when I write two letters down, get distracted, then come back and can't remember what I was going to write. I need sticky notes for my brain.

Speaking of brain. I read on some website that playing games helps your brain. Does this mean any kind of game? Yahtzee? I tried one where you find the thing that's different between two pictures. Boy, did I suck at that. It figures your IQ as you go and I was in the negative numbers when I quit. I'll find something else.

I'm making cinnamon rolls this morning. I should have summoned the gumption to make the dough last night, but alas, I was wallowing in my slothful ways. Nobody said you have to eat a cinnamon roll at the crack of dawn anyway so what the hell.

I'm adding tea to the list of things I want to learn. I bought this tea pot online this morning and a sampling of flowering teas. I've always liked the idea of tea but I have trouble finding one for which I like the taste. Coffee just isn't doing it for me right now.

Busy week. Last round of A&C then onto a new chemical cocktail. I've been so lucky to have so few side effects, or maybe I should say I'm grateful for the knowledge of my doctors that they can put me through this with so few side effects. Although...

I think the chemo maybe affecting my brain. Yesterday, I looked at Mapquest to plan a 1500 mile road trip. Regis just rolled his eyes. If you know me, I don't drive to Minneapolis without a map and a suitcase. I have been known to weep after three hours in the car. We'll have to wait and see what transpires. I didn't realize that the trip meant driving through mountains and that is a bit of a deterrent as I don't like heights.

Better get my sorry butt into the kitchen and start rattling some pots and pans.

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grandma Saum said...

Is that ball of yarn going to be my scarf? Pretty. I have some flowering tea that I will have to try and if it is good I will send some to you. The tea pot is pretty; is it clear? Good to have many hobbies; you can also play Free Cell on your computer or Spider Solitaire.
Keep warm. Love you from Mom