Wednesday, January 23, 2013

finding things and taking naps

About a month ago, I lost two things: syringes for my Vitamin B and my checkbook. Since it was right before Christmas, I assumed they had both ended up in the same sweep and would be discovered together but I found my checkbook in my gym bag and the syringes in the glove box of the car. I had vague memories of putting them a little thread of memory that I couldn't quite grasp until now.

I have been sleeping so much better knock on wood. Yesterday I went into the bedroom and turned on the heated mattress pad and the humidifier, rubbed my nose with Vicks, and took a nap at 8 am. I hadn't even been awake that long. Maybe that qualifies as going back to bed rather than a nap. I took another nap mid-afternoon. Both were blissful. I've been sleeping well at night, too, waking for a short period but going quickly back to sleep.

Regis and I got up early today to buy groceries. We dropped Gus at the Paw to get some exercise while we did errands and went to geriatric exercise class. The grocery store was quiet and we got done in record time.  We had a few extra minutes to get coffee at Smiley's.

We had about an inch of snow today. Huge flakes that look like the snow you would find in department store display windows. Beautiful but not enough of it to make snow angels.

Tomorrow is my last A&C treatment. I have some questions to ask the doctor. How do we know this is working? When I'm done, do we call it remission or do we call it cured or do we not call it anything? (I have looked this up on google and just want to make sure his answer matches What's the next step in terms of radiation details? I think this is the first time I've had questions. It's pretty much been a blur up until now.

I forgot to post this photo because it was late appearing on the Shufflefunction blog. In September, we were radio programmers for the day, controlling the musical destiny of southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. We're working on another gig now. Regis is so much better at the radio patter than I am. I need to have things written down, word for word, which doesn't work so well in a spontaneous radio atmosphere.

Well, that's it for today. In all ways, it was a good day.

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