Monday, January 21, 2013

fight like a girl

Ella came over yesterday afternoon and we had a fine time. We put on our "fight like a girl" aprons, thanks to Katy in Georgia) and posed for some photos before playing a blistering round of tic-tac-to, doing some arts and crafts, and knitting. Gus likes to be in the pictures, too. He thinks when the camera comes out, it must be for him.

This one is for Gonzo. It says: A girl's BFF, whatever that means. Haha! It looks like Gonzo on her shirt. I loved the picture of Gonzo perching on the guy's foot, Tom. Of course, he wouldn't put his delicate hinder on the sand.

Regis and I are going to exercise today. I'm going to stop and see my nurse about the mystery rash and mild sore throat. I should finish the A&C this week and start the taxol next week. I figure the sooner I get on with it, the sooner I'm done.

It's really too cold to go anywhere today. The temp is 9 below zero and the windchill is 32 below. This is not weather for fashion. Garrison Keillor says we go back to basics in weather like this. Nobody worries about their hair or how goofy their hat looks. You just want to live to get to the next place with heat. You wear fifty pounds of clothes and everybody trudges. Uff da.

Stay warm. I'll be back.

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Aprons and More said...

Cute!! Glad you love the aprons!

Katy :)