Wednesday, January 02, 2013

admitting ignorance

When I wake up early, sometimes I do some retail therapy on the internet so I am quiet and don't wake Regis before he's ready.

This morning, I was looking at my favorite eyewear website, Bleudame. I wanted some clear glass eyewear since my glasses don't correct for my cataract anyway and I can see fine for the most part. Except for that myopia thing. I'm tired of the same old glasses so I ordered a few pair from this place...for ten bucks each. I paid a king's ransom for my last pair of real glasses so what the hell. This is a pretty cheap fashion opportunity.

So. I'm looking at the website and they have a list of celebrities on the left sidebar. Apparently, if you are a fan, you can buy glasses like your favorite celebrity. It was a long list made mostly of names of which I have no flipping awareness. Even if I had some shadow of recognition of the name, I had no idea what kind of glasses they wear. Kim Kardashian? Dakota Fanning? Ah, well. I'm a cultural idiot.

I have also gotten interested in looking at vintage stuff on Etsy. It amuses me because, for example, I just looked at a porcelain doorknob, exactly like the one I have on the door in the basement, that is going for $38. Clothes that look like what I wore in the 60s...that cost way more now than they did new. If only I had kept all that old crap and sold it on Etsy, I'd probably have enough money to pay for my health insurance.

 I just had the best sweet roll in the universe. Sticky caramelized sugar on the bottom with very subtle orange flavored cream cheese icing. With a little Hope butter, that is heaven...right there. Thanks, Paul!

We took a package of Deb's lefse out of the freezer yesterday and it was so good. When you've only had store-bought lefse for a while, the real thing is even better than you imagined. Thanks, Deb!

I'm going for an exercise assessment this afternoon at the Mayo Clinic Cardiac Rehab Center. I don't need cardiac rehab but they offer it to cancer patients, too. I haven't been exercising much since my diagnosis. I think I'm tired, I'm worried about hurting myself (I know...makes no sense.), and I'm worried about germs. Sounds like a hypochondriac to me.

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