Tuesday, December 25, 2012

wine glass and cupcakes hit the floor

Christmas Eve was eventful, as always. Who wants to have one of those family celebrations where nothing goes wrong? I dropped six cupcakes on the floor and thankfully, only one had to be destroyed. The rest are rough looking but fine for eating.

I also sent a wine glass crashing to the floor. Somebody else cleaned it up, good for them and lazy props to me.

There's a link to all the Christmas pictures at the bottom of the post but these are a few of my favorites.

This is me in my new blonde bomber wig, thanks Emily and Ella! The hat is a gift from Emily's mom, Kathy. Do they know me or what? It's my gangster moll look.

Gus looked on in dismay from under the table. He was a good dog. Probably ate more cookies than is good for a dog, but what the hell. It's Christmas.

Reggie wore my hat for a while. He looks like he's giving Alex some serious uncle advice here. Probably something like, "Go get us some of those peanut butter cookies, boy!" Alex is a convert to  the Reese's peanut butter cookie cult.

Those cookies are so popular here among the men folk that we have to portion them out. Bob was a little late getting here because he had to work (boo) so I saved some in a container on top of the refrigerator for him. When the cookies on the plate were all gone, I told him that there were more and you should have seen it. Bob, Regis, Peter...making a beeline for the kitchen, elbowing each other out of the way.

This is the best group shot we got. It's impossible to get one where everybody looks in the same direction at the same time with their eyes open. The boys in the back row have a lot of fun planning mischief, as you can see. That's Bob behind the bird for Reg and Peter's amusement.

I think this is right before the wine glass crashed to the floor. Ella likes to snuggle with her Nana. I'm wearing a little sparkly cap that was a gift from Ella's family. I have quite the hat and scarf collection. I think I wore four different things on my head over the course of the evening. 

Oh, Katy in Georgia! The apron arrived yesterday so Ella wore it to help prepare our dinner. Wish I had gotten a picture of that. I will next time. She wanted to leave it here...hanging right next to mine. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Here's the link to the whole shootin' match if you want to see the more serious pictures of things like presents. We didn't get any food pictures which is a darn shame because it was very good.

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