Sunday, December 09, 2012

sunday snowfall

I feel that nervous agitated energy I always feel before a trip. I feel like I have to get everything done today and tomorrow, forgetting that there will be stores and restaurants and Christmas cards after Tuesday. I cleaned up my office and threw out a ton of paper and magazine and catalogs...needing order and calm. I wiped everything down with antiseptic wipes. Not sure what that last part is about.

I'm listening to BB King's Christmas album and watching the snow fall. We're going out to the winery with some friends later to toast the first snowfall of the season.


Caroline said...

Chemo itself was kind of weird. I mean I went off to my first chemo treatment and thought everything would be different. Two weeks later my hair started falling out. It was more gradual onset.

On the germ thing as you mentioned you wiped everything down, I just ignored it. I worked part time in a public high school and was exposed to numerous germs. I also did whatever I want in terms of going out. Nausea came and went. But I was okay. I lived on lots of herbal tea and made myself eat at a bare minimum the BRAT diet to make sure I didn't give up on food. Email me questions or go read my blog from 8/1-12/15/2007.

PS get more funky hats!

Anonymous said...

dear teresa,

i do the same thing - want everything neat, clean and orderly. i used to think it was a precaution in case the plane crashed or i croaked during chemo -WTF??? but now i think it's just a way to assure i am in control with SOMETHING, dammit. it's turned out to be a good thing since i have no memory of cleaning my closet, sorting my underwear drawers, organizing the coat closet, or polishing the silver - when i return home after any suspiciously life-threatening event i am thrilled to find tasks i avoided for years DONE!

love, XOXO

karen, TC