Friday, December 14, 2012

short note...middle of the night

We have been sleeping better but Regis had a restless period and I needed a drink of water so here I am. Gus likes to sleep on the bed some nights so we had his furry self to contend with, too. I decided to get out of bed to re-hydrate and write a little after my last meds.

Young Regis dropped off a bag of ice for us and was just in time for beef stew with dumplings. He stayed to eat stew and have a cookie at the end. Regis even made him a Manhattan for dessert. It had been a cold day in his truck with no heater.

Our Christmas meals this year are going to be a combination of catering and pot luck. I'm ordering ribs for Christmas Eve from Whiskey River (I hope), and bread and desserts from River Rock. Reg thought they could bring cheese potatoes. Voila. Tiffany and Eric are coming on Saturday night because they won't be here Christmas Eve. We're having a pizza buffet, a big green salad catered from River Rock and a Red Velvet Cake. Easiest menu ever.

Why do I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of this stuff? I think my mind goes numb when I think about the plethora of medication on my desk. Tomorrow, I can cut back on some of the nausea meds if I haven't experienced any...and I haven't.

Back to bed. Feel fingers slowing down.....back to sleep.

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Nancy said...

Oh Teresa so excited that you are not sick! Good new?