Sunday, December 16, 2012

my shield of invincibility went haywire

We had a pizza party last night. With a two-year old, a four-year old, and a 65-pound dog, our house is full to the brim. It was a fun time and the only casualty was a Schell's beer glass. The pizza was good, the salad from River Rock was delicious, and the Ravishing Red Velvet Cake was divine. We all licked our fingers.

More moopish weather today. We could use some sunshine.

I had a shot of Neulasta last Wednesday. It's purpose is to build up my white blood count and prevent infections but one of the side effects is bone pain. I wasn't worried because I have been wearing my shield of invincibility. Oh, yeah. That stopped working last night right about bedtime. My legs ache like a word I shouldn't say. I tried a heating pad, Tylenol, wine, heavy no avail. This morning, I will try exercise.

Doctors are very smart; this I know. They must have giant flow charts to show where the bad cells are and what they do to combat them and what the side effects are and what to do about those and how it all works together. I'm sure I could never keep it straight. This ain't bakin' Christmas cookies, my friends.

Here are some pictures from the event. The young woman is Peter's friend, April. The little girl is Zoey, April's daughter. (And of course, my handsome and wonderful children, Tiffany and Peter...but you knew that...) We had a wonderful time. God bless us everyone.

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