Saturday, December 15, 2012

it's a new day!

Yesterday, I took two naps before noon and today, I haven't had one nap and it's almost 3 o'clock! I'd say that's progress.

I've also gotten a lot of things done. I wrapped the gifts I need for tonight, bought more cards, finished my cards, made all the corrections to the spreadsheet, did errands downtown, went to the liquor store, and helped Regis make Bruce's apple pie recipe. Now, I need to head downtown to pick up the rest of the dinner fixin's but I'm feeling pretty darn smug about the state of my circle of influence.

We simplified the Christmas meals. Tonight, Papa Murphy is making the pizzas and River Rock is providing the green salad (roasted butternut squash, blue cheese, and cranberries) and the Ravishing Red Velvet Cake. I love a menu that comes together like this!

Elliot loves his bath and usually tries to convince me that he needs one when he comes for a visit. His mama sent me this picture by text message this morning so I know he had one. Isn't that quite a grin?

Zoey is coming here for the first time tonight. We haven't had a two-year old for about a year so we better batten down the hatches. Funny how much they change in a year.

I realized today that I missed the Nutcracker this year for the first time in many years. I recall Emily mentioning it but it slid right off the radar. That makes me a little sad.

Here we go. Enjoy your moopish evening in Minnesota!

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Jill said...

Today moopish must mean "foggy". Wow, pea soup out there, only not green. Enjoy your first of many holiday dinners! Such a sweet and happy picture of Mr. Clean!