Saturday, December 29, 2012

i am the champion of naps

The first few days after chemo, I can easily take 3-4 short naps a day and sleep for 11 hours a night. It's like heaven. After today, when I wean off the nausea meds, I will gradually become more alert and will spend more time vertically. Ah, well. It's a nice respite from insomnia.

Most of the minis from our family are coming for lunch and some play time today. They didn't get to play together much over the holiday so this will be fun. There are still a few stray presents under the tree for one or the other, too.

Regis and I are spending a quiet weekend and New Year's holiday at home. Sort of an attempt to avoid wayfaring flu and cold germs but also because we like it. We have a few movies lined up, some favorite easy menus in mind, and all the comforts we need. It will be like a vacation.

My cousin in Arizona sent us homemade lefse from my Aunt Vi's recipe. Vi was the champion lefse maker so we are listening carefully for the sound of the delivery truck. We'll take photos, for sure. Thanks, Deb!


Anonymous said...

dear teresa,

i come to your blog and find such comfort in reading it. you have such a gift for expressing the rythym of your days, soothing observations of nature, your love for regis, gus, and your family, and the contentedness that you feel being inside your own skin, knowing what fits you best and kissing off what is worth letting go of so that you can live your own story. that, too,the desire for living your own story is a gift. it keeps things in perspective, which is a challenge in darker hours, and i have no doubt that your words inspire others to cling to all the good and fine things in their lives.

on the other hand, occassional railing and gnashing of teeth with a dose of irreverance and even some good cuss words can be theraputic - and who could claim with a straight face they've never been THERE? that, too, is a gift -to be able to share with sometimes raw candor the times we feel vulnerable or just plain pissed off.

i also love how the title of you blog, ..."spellbound by our own imperfect lives..." often ties in with the wry humor that we all relate to when we are able to read what we know makes you chortle to yourself and about yourself. giving others those views of situations that are part of all of our own human frailties can lighten things up just when we need it most.

so, dear friend, keep writing, keep being true to yourself - you have such rare and beautiful talent. i hope you find joy in the telling, and thank you for just being you.

love, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!,

kaern, TC

Teresa Saum said...

Your comments on my blog are so sweet, I often come back to read them time and time again. I am touched that you read and appreciate the sometimes crazy things I have to say. My mom thinks I cuss too much but that's her job, right?
If you would ever like to communicate by email, my address is I would love to hear more from you. Right now, I can't even remember how we met? Another blog?
Thank you again for the sunshine in this dark, Minnesota January where the days are short and the nights are long.