Wednesday, December 26, 2012

hi ho hi ho

It's off to chemotherapy we go.

My second treatment is today and I go with some apprehension. The last one, except for a couple of drowsy days, was uneventful. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know.

Adriamycin, Cytoxan, dexamethasone, Zofran, lorazepam, and Compazine. Quite the chemical shit storm. Some are to fix the cancer and some are to fix the fix, as in lots of anti-nausea meds. That's good because puking is one of my least favorite activities.

We had friends over last night, one a recent inductee to the world of cancer. She commented that a lot of people have trouble saying the word cancer and she's noticed that when family members call, they ask about "it" instead of cancer. I had trouble saying it at first. Maybe this is what they do at support you say the word. With the word comes acceptance.

My hair has apparently not yet begun to disappear. I can tell because the bristles are all there. Regis reshaved me once and maybe have to do it again. It would be ironic if my hair didn't fall out but it's been a hoot of a fashion opportunity.

Regis goes with me to the clinic. I sit in a monster recliner and he sits in an uncomfortable chair. Each patient gets their own little pod with a television. Nice touch. There are curtains that you can pull for privacy but it's kind of like putting a fence between just isn't done. A volunteer walks around offering people coffee, water, and warm blankets. Another nice touch.

I can take one step at a time. After today, I will be halfway through the Adriamycin and Cytoxan. By the 1st of February I should be ready to start on the weekly Paclitaxel, a mitotic inhibitor. This is what Paclitaxel looks like. Good to have a visual.

I know some people are into reading research about cancer but that's not my bag. I figure I am paying a ton of money to have a spectacular oncologist and I trust that he is up on things. I bet he reads journals and goes to conferences and understands pictures like this one a lot better than I do. I'm doing pretty well to keep the paperwork organized and remember what day I am supposed to show up where and for what.

I'll be in touch. Wish me luck.

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